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Well if your phone is locked and you want to unlock it, or you want to flash your smartphone. So today we are here to introduce UFI Box EMMC Service Tool. Today we are here with an amazing software to flash, unlock and update your smartphone and Tablet. The tool is free to download and comes with a simple user-interface.

About UFI Box EMMC Software Tool:

The UFI box is a EMMC service tool that can read and rewrite EMMC user data to fix software issues of your android smartphone. UFI stands for Universal Flashing Interface. It helps you to flash official firmware of MediaTek, Spreadturm, Qualcomm, LGE, Sony, OPPO and more. It also allows you to take security backups to remove patterns and FRP lock of any android models.
UFI Box setup Tool Download

Feature of UFI Box EMMC Service Tool

  • Read and rewrite EMMC user data to fix software issues.
  • Flash official firmware of MediaTek, Spreadturm , Qualcomm, LGE, Sony and many other mobile phone models firmware.
  • Allows you to take security backups to remove patterns, passcodes and FRP Locks.
  • Allows you to flash and unlock supported android models.
  • Ultra rich attributes and low costing.
  • Repair EMMC.
  • Resize EMMC.
  • Format EMMC.
  • Allows you to read Boot 1, Boot 2.
  • Read EXT CSD.
  • Read user data files.
  • Provide access to update or read official firmware on EMMC in Samsung, Toshiba, Micron and other brands.
  • Easy user-interface.
  • Free download.

Some Important Tools in UFI Box EMMC:

After installation of the UFI Box EMMC setup in your PC you will find two icons on your desktop. We have discussed about all below.
  1. UFI Android Tool Box: You can unlock and flash your android device on UFI Android Tool Box. This allows you to work like UMP, CM2 without connect the ISP Jumpers. To flash or unlock your android phone directly with UFI Android tool box for windows you have to simply connect the UFI box with your PC, then select your android brand and phone model then you may apply action.
  2. UFI-EMMC Tool Box: In UFI-EMMC tool box you can flash or unlock your android device while connecting the ISP Jumpers. We have three built-in actions.
    > Program: In program you can read dump and backup files. For that purpose you have to take backup of Boot 1, Boot 2, EXT CSD and user area files. Select these files and click on read it will save backup files on your computer, and you can read and rewrite to fix any kind of software difficulties.
    > User Area Part: In user area part you can take security backups to remove any kind of patterns, passwords, passcodes and FRP locks.
    > Factory Image: In the factory Image you can flash official firmware of Media Tek, Spreadturm, Qualcomm, LGE, Sony, Oppo and more.
UFI Box Android Tool Setup 2022 Download

About UFI Box EMMC Hardware:

Before using the UFI box setup we must have to know about it’s hardware. The international version of UFI Box Dongle Flash tool comes with,,,,
  • B-type power cable: The B-type power cable is used to connect the UFI box with your PC.
  • Power Cable: The power cable is used with we find error or connectivity issue of UFI with PC.
  • ISP Adapter: We find an ISP Adapter which is mainly used for unlocking and flashing of android phones.
  • UFI Light Adapter: The UFI light adapter is optional, it is used to connect the the socket with IC directly to PC. The advantage is that it performs high speed due to directly connection.
  • Two IC Sockets: The IC of your phone is inserted in the sockets, it is used for unlocking and flashing. One of the socket supports
    > BGA 169                            > BGA 153
    > BGA 186                            > BGA 162
    The another socket supports
    > BGA 200                            > BGA 254
  • UFI Box: In the UFI Box you can connect the above hardware and connect the UFI Box to your PC to perform actions.

How to Download UFI Box EMMC Service Tool?

To download this software tool just click on the above download button. Once the file is completely downloaded. Now go to the download file of your PC you will find the downloaded file, right click on the file and click on add to archive.
Then extract the file on a best location you will the find the setup. Double click on the setup to open and follow the on-screen instruction to install. If you didn’t have driver installed on your computer then tick on all the options and click on next. You can also change the directory, otherwise it will installed by default in the C partition. After successful installation it will start for updating and now the software tool is ready to use.

Supported Windows:

Before downloading this software tool make sure you must have the below supported windows.

  1. Windows XP Series Pack 3
  2. Windows Vista (32-Bit)
  3. Windows 8 Professional (64-Bit)
  4. Windows 7 Ultimate (32-Bit)
  5. Windows 7 Ultimate (64-Bit)
  6. Windows 10 (32-64 Bit)
  7. Windows 11 (32-64 Bit)

Ending Words

Here is the end of today’s post, I hope you have understood all the thing mentioned above we have tried our best to make you understand about the UFI Tool EMMC Box. Beside this if you having trouble while using or downloading this application tool so you can give us a comment in the comment box or you can feel free to contact us via email or social media platforms. We will try our best to reach you back. To stay connect with us follow our official site dlmobitools.com.
Thank You!

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