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Need For Speed Underground is a street car racing game and its full version for PC is available here. You can free download the full version from here and enjoy the real joy of racing. NFSU is developed by EA Games and its Demo version is available. But here you will find the full underground mode and full version of Need For Speed Underground.

I myself love this game mostly because it is the best ever racing game. I played and I also recommend it for you if you are a car racing game lover. Here you will find different features in NFSU? you find a Underground mode where you can complete challenges and earn Points and unlock features. Which helps to improve your car’s performance more better. You can download the highly full game of need for speed underground for your PC.

need for speed underground

About Need For Speed Underground Full Version:

Need for speed underground was just one of those games you know. Not only was it a fun game but it when playing it seems like a real racing game. In underground mode there are too many challenges which need to be completed to move ahead. During the game you can customize your car to make it more awesome and unlock various Racing Maps. 

While customization, you can make your car more amazing and boost its performance to next level. Moreover, its graphic is realistic and 3D resolution. We have provided the full version of Need For Speed Underground. Here you can free download by hitting the above download button. Need for speed underground is compatible with windows 7, windows 10, windows 11. 

Features of Need for speed underground Full Version: 

  • On the full version of NFSU you will get access to the underground mode.
  • Different racing challenges which makes this game more enjoyable.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • Different views of driving.
  • Good sound quality and music.
  • You can customize your car like maintain performance, change paint, change headlight style, change neon, include turbo boost etc.
  • Free to download
  • No any activation code required for to get access to full version.
  • Smooth in running.

Different Modes Of Need For Speed Underground:

If you have downloaded and installed need for speed underground on your PC. Then click on the icon to open NFSU. On the first interface, you will find some of its history in video. Then you will reach the main menu interface here you will find different options. First of all you need to create a driver profile.

need for speed underground download for pc windows 7

> Underground Mode:

The underground mode is only accessible in the full version of NFSU, there you have different options which includes. Race Map in which you can select the race map like Circuit, Drag, and there are other tournaments. Where you can participate and if you won that tournament than you will get different rewards and points. And you can select the racing level as Easy, Medium and Hard. 

The second thing you can customize Ride which means you can customize your car’s Visual Look, Performance and Visual. You can change your car’s body, Rims, Accessories, Paint, Decals, Vinyl accordingly. Also in the performance section you can upgrade your car’s performance. By adding Good Tires, Turbo packages, Brake Kits, Weight Reduction Kits, Suspension Packages, and more. 

Let move to the next step which is Ranking, In this section you can view your ranking and compare your ranking with other driver rankings. And perform your best to rank on number 1 on underground mode.

Trade In is a great option by which you can sell your current car and buy another car you by its looks or performance. 

> Quick Race Mode:

If you don’t want to participate on the tournaments and challenges then there is a Quick Race mode in which you can practice to be more confident in car racing. There are some Ride Maps in Quick Race mode which includes Circuit, Sprint, Drag, Drift, Lap Knockout, and Free run. If you are a beginner in racing games then it is great to first practice on the Quick Race and then you can move forward to the underground mode to face challenges and tournaments. 

> Play Online:

Play online option makes NFSU more interesting and amazing, you can also play need for speed online with your friends and other drivers which you didn’t know. I love to play Need For Speed Underground Online because it is more enjoyable to play with a real person online. 

NFSU Game Play:

The game play of Need For Speed Underground is amazing and its realistic graphic and sounds makes a good experience while playing the game. It’s different from other street car racing games. Here first of all you need to create a driver profile and then you can select a car and select the mode of racing. 

In different modes there are different Maps, in some hard levels you will face traffic during racing which makes it more hard to won the race. There may be more chances to strike with the traffic which results in loss of race. 

There are also different Rides like Lap Knockout in which you have to complete the race within the given time, Drift in which drift your car and earn point to won the ride, another is Drag where you ride starts on a straight road but the thing you need to do is to gear up and gear down on the perfect time to won the race. And other Ride maps where you race with other cars and be the first to won the race. 

How to download and install NFSU: 

To download the full version of Need for speed underground click on the download button provided at the top of this article to download NFSU in your pc. Then you will find the downloaded file in your “downloads” folder. 

As the downloaded file is in Zip File format so you need to extract to get need for speed underground setup exe. Extract the zip file with an extraction tool so you will get the installation setup of NFSU full version. Now double click on the installation setup so you will be directed to the installation wizard of NFSU now follow the on-screen instructions to successfully install NFSU in your pc. 

Now it will take a while to install in your pc, after successfully installation you will get an icon of NFSU named as “Speed” double click on the icon to launch Need for speed underground full version in your pc. 

Final Words:

Here is the end of today’s post about Need for speed underground full version that is a wonderful and amazing racing game with great gaming experience. I do believe you have learned about this racing game, if you find any trouble while downloading and installation then we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us we will try our best to reach you back.


Q1. What is difference between need for speed full version and demo version?
Ans: In the full version of NFSU you have access to all its features. And you can play your game in the underground mode. But if you are talking about the demo version there is no access to its all features you can only play the game on 1 map.
Q2. Is need for speed underground is free? 
Ans: Need for speed underground is free you don’t need to spent a single to play the game. 
Q3. Can I download and install NFSU in pc? 
Ans: Yes, you can free download the full version of NFSU in your pc.

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