MTK Auth Bypass Tool

MTK Auth Bypass Tool or MTK Meta utility tool is a free Windows operating system program that helps users bypass DAA & Sla Auth (secure boot protection) from MediaTek-powered smartphones.
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2 Nov, 2023
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MediaTek Chip-set
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MTK Auth Bypass Tool Review:

MTK Auth Bypass Tool or MTK Meta utility tool is a free Windows operating system program that helps users bypass DAA & Sla Auth (secure boot protection) from MediaTek-powered smartphones. With this tool, users can also perform diverse operations such as unlock FRP, Format, Factory Reset, Unlock password & PIN locks, Face IDs, etc. Furthermore, this app works smoothly with MTK chipsets.

If you desire to unlock or flash your MediaTek phone using any SP flash tool, you first have to open the secure boot protection with the help of this Windows application. You can download the MTK Utility Tool V120 from the above provided fresh download link. This app will readily assist you in unlocking your MTK-chipset smartphone for free.

What is the MTK Meta Utility Tool?

MTK Bypass Tool is a free Windows application to unlock Android devices that support MTK chipsets. The most satisfactory component of this application is that it is completely free to download and works with almost all Android devices. After installing this App, simply obey the instructions on this application. The MTK Authentication Bypass Tool will easily bypass the secure boot protection.

In addition, this app also plays a vital role in unlocking and flashing Android chipset devices. You can unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection), Format, Update, Unlock Passwords and PIN codes. The best part is that it allows you to bypass the SLA protection on newer models of the device. Therefore, you can use this app on different models including MT6883, MT6877, MT6735, MT6753, and many more.

General Features of MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V120 is well-known for its general and premium features. By using these features, you can unlock, flash, reset, format, and update your Android MediaTek smartphone and tablet in a minute. Below, the review will help you to explore its qualified features.

  • It supports multiple Android devices.
  • This app is compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • The MTK Bypass APK offers an easy procedure.
  • This Windows tool provides you with multiple options.
  • You can unlock, reset, flash, and update your device.
  • It is 100% free to download and use.
  • This app is frequently up-to-date.
  • Easy-to-use and lightweight application.
  • This unlock tool does not show Ads.
  • It supports an immersive collection of MTK chipsets.
  • And much more to explore.

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Changelogs of MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

  • MT6781 MediaTek (Helio G96).
  • MT6755
  • MT6750
  • MT6750M
  • MT6750T
  • MT6750S
  • MT6757
  • MT6761
  • MT6762
  • MT3369
  • MT8766B
  • MT6763
  • MT6765
  • MT6768
  • MT6771
  • MT6779
  • MT6753
  • MT6768(2021) MediaTek (Helio G88).
  • MT6768(2021) *new
  • MT6739
  • MT6877 *new
  • MT6883 *new
  • MT6885 *new
  • MT6889 *new
  • MT6833
  • MT6853
  • MT6853V
  • MT6873
  • MT6891Z
  • MT6893
  • MT8765WB
  • MT8385
  • MT8183
  • MT8666
  • MT6753
  • MT6797
  • MT8127
  • MT8163
  • MT8516
  • MT8173
  • MT8695
  • MT6873
  • MT6799
  • MT8590 MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6592
  • MT6595
  • MT6735
  • MT6737
  • MT6785
  • MT6795

Supported MTK Chipsets:

Supported MTK ChipsetsDimensity
MT6877 MediaTek900 5G
MT6877V/ZA MediaTek900 5G
MT6877V/NZA MediaTek900 5G
MT6877V/TZA MediaTek900 5G
MT6877V/TNZA MediaTek900 5G
MT6883Z 1000C
MT6885 1000L

Windows Operating Systems:

Following are the friendly supported Windows operating systems of MTK Auth bypass APK.

  • Windows 7 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
  • Windows XP (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
  • Windows 10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)
  • Windows 11(32-Bit & 64-Bit)


Doubtlessly, the MTK Meta Utility Tool V120 is a must-have application to unlock and bypass your Android chip-set Phone. Moreover, this app is free to download and easy to use. So, if you want to unlock your Android phone for free, then this bypass tool is the perfect solution for you. The above download link will help you to get this app for free.