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Usually, most of the people are using various brand smartphones and through any reason they forget their security lock. Or the mobile brands which are borrowed from another country are blocked due to change in region. And the device is not working properly and facing some software issue. So if you are facing any kind of above issue with your device. Then today we are here with MRT Key Dongle Setup that helps you to fix many type of issues.

Furthermore, if you are facing any kind of issue while using your smartphone like forgotten your password, or you want to flash your device. And many other operations you want to do with your device. Then we recommend the MRT Full setup for you, it is compatible with all android devices and has a user-friendly interface. So download now and fix different kind of software issue with your device.

About MRT KEY Dongle Full Setup:

The MRT Dongle software is a software tool which is only designed for Android devices. This software tool fully assist you in repairing, unlocking, and flashing of your smartphone. It supports all type of android smartphones and their models like OPPO, VIVO, XIAOMI, HUAWEI, MEIZU, QC_TOOLS and other models. By using this tool you can apply operations like read your device info, format and unlock, erase FRP.

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Moreover, you can also erase passwords, make auto wipe data, format by fast boot, remove demo of connect device and also write flash. Furthermore you can read info, unlock bootloader and many other actions are performed by this single tool. It provides a easy user-interface so no any technical skill is require to operate it.


  • Unlock pattern, passwords, passcodes, fingerprints, and other screen locks
  • Erase FRP (google accounts)
  • Read information of your device
  • Write flash of your device
  • Fastboot, factory reset, or hard reset
  • Auto wipe data
  • Unlock bootloader, relock bootloader, and erase accounts
  • Flash tool are available for Huawei mobile brands
  • Qualcomm tools are available
  • Moreover, easy user-interface
  • Free to download
  • MRT driver is also available in the install pack
  • More

How to Buy, Connect and Install MRT Key Dongle Setup:

Here is the full guidance of MRT Key dongle software tool. We have explained the full procedure in steps, go through the steps below to get its full usage, working, installation knowledge.

Buy MRT Key Dongle:

The first step is to buy the MRT Dongle. You can buy the dongle key from a software shop. If there is no any software shops available near you then you can also buy it online. For online you can buy it from Givemerom. The MRT Dongle price is about $32.

Connect MRT key with computer:

Now the next step is to connect the MRT key with computer via USB port. After connecting you can check the connectivity status from device manager of your computer. For that purpose right click on “My Computer”, click on device manager and search for portable devices. And then click on portable device, if the MRT key is connected with your computer then you will find new partition there.

Downloading and Installation of MRT Dongle Software:

  1. Click on the download button provided at the top of this article to download the latest version of MRT Key dongle Setup.
  2. As the file is in ZIP format so you need to extract it using an extraction tool.
  3. After extraction you will get its installation setup.
  4. Double click on the MRT Dongle Setup and follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Now the software is ready to use.

How to install MRT Key Dongle Driver:

After following the above procedure now we have to install the driver for MRT dongle. So, to do that follow the below instructions;

  • First go to Device Manager>Portable devices and search for MRT key dongle.
  • If the driver is not installed then you will find a yellow icon.
  • To install the driver right click on the icon and click on update driver.
  • You will find the driver along with the install pack after extraction.
  • Now click on browse from computer and upload the driver file.
  • Then click on update driver and restart your computer.

MRT Key Dongle Software User Guide:

The usage of MRT Key Dongle Software is quite simple and easy. After successfully installation launch the MRT dongle software. In the home page find some android mobile brands names. Which are Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei tools, Meizu, other mobile and QC_Tools. On the right corner of the interface there you will find device manager. Now connect your device with a USB data cable and connect the MRT Dongle. In the homepage you will find some tabs, now we will describe about each tab and its operations.

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In the Oppo tab you will find Oppo mobiles and operation options. On the mobile option you can select the model you have and the port will be selected automatically if your device is connected. Furthermore, in the operation section you can apply different actions which you want.

You can apply three action for Oppo brands. Like you can read the full information of your device, you can format all data and setting. And also unlock your device through some simple steps. And then the last action is you can remove the FRP of your device. Just select the operation you want and click on the start button.


On the vivo tab the same procedure as in Oppo but some operations are different. First select the model of your device. And then you can apply the operations like Erase the password only, by which your data will be safe. And the other is auto wipe in which your data will be permanently deleted. Furthermore, other operations are format by fast boot and read device info. Select the action you want and click on the start button.

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Some of the operations are same as for other tabs. We have discussed the operations which are different in the Tabs. On the Xiaomi tab same as the above select the model of your device. Now you can erase the Mi account of your Xiaomi device. You can format(9008 function) which means that you can format the port of Qualcomm CPU of your device.

Huawei Tools:

On the Huawei tools tab you will find two options the first one is Huawei unlock tools, where you can apply unlocking operations. Moreover, you can unlock bootloader, relock bootloader, read bootloader, unlock code, remove account, factory reset, remove FRP lock, Erase user data(fastboot). Moreover, temporary unlock bootloader and MTK erase Anti-theft.

In addition to apply the operations first select the model and select the operation you want to apply then click on the start button. The other option is Huawei Flash Tools. Moreover, if you want to flash your Huawei device then choose that option. There you will find different tools by which you can write flash, USB com 1.0, update HW software and unlock account. And then click on the action you want and click on the start button and apply the actions with MRT Key Dongle Setup.

Other Mobiles:

On the other hand you will find the other mobile tab you will find other mobile brands except devices mentioned above and apply actions on them. For that purpose you just have to select the other android device, select it’s model and select the action you want. The operations include read info, format unlock, erase FRP and erase accounts.


QC means the device which have Qualcomm CPU. Moreover, you can apply different operation on the devices which have Qualcomm CPU. Likewise, erase FRP, Write flash, Wipe data, read info, read flash and format.

Final Words:

Fix all the software issues of your Android device with the latest version of MRT Key Dongle Setup. Without any technical skill, and with the help of the above instruction you can easily fix all the issues. So what are you waiting for Free Download MRT Key Dongle Setup V3.95.

Beside this if you find any kind of trouble then feel free to contact us. We will try our best to reach you back as soon as possible. Thank you!

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