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Are you bothered with various issues on your iPhone or any other iOS-based devices? Such as an iPad, iPod, or Apple TV, and your device gets stuck in the Apple logo. It won’t open or you have forgotten your passcode.? No matter today we are here with a new free tool to fix all your issue. The iTooLab Fixgo Download is a free software mobile tool that would be more beneficial to fix these issues.

Moreover, the best thing is that you will be able to solve your iOS device issue from your home. So there will be no need to search for a software shop to repair your device. The iTooLab Fixgo latest version can solve up-to 200 iOS problems, and it is similar to the iRemoval Pro Tool.

About iToolab FixGo V3.4.0 Repairing Tool:

FixGo is a powerful iOS system recovery tool that is the only solution to repair all the iOS issues. Furthermore by use of this tool you can repair over 200+ iOS issues without any data loss.

iToolab FixGo by dlmobitools

Well, the problems faced by many people includes stuck in Apple logo, device won’t turn on, restore failure, white and black screen, update failure, boot loop, spinning and etc.

FixGo V 3.3.0 is available to download free for windows 11/10/8/7 and it is also available for Mac. Free download FixGo free version from here and repair your iOS issue in some simple and easy steps.

Features of iToolab FixGo V.3.3.0 Software tool:

The latest version 3.3.o of FixGo iOS repairing tool comes with various and stunning features. That helps you to repair your iOS devices from home like a pro. The main features are listed below.

  • You can repair up-to 200+ iOS devices problems in some easy steps
  • Fix the issue of device stuck in Apple logo
  • If your device won’t turned on then you can easily fix it using iToolab FixGo latest version
  • Moreover if you are facing the issue of failure in update and restore then you can use FixGo to fix it
  • Remove passcode.
  • Spinning circle can also be fixed by this software tool
  • Factory reset of iPhone/iPad/iPod without knowing the passcode can also be done
  • FixGo V3.3.0 is available to free download
  • Furthermore it is easy to use and there is no any technical skill is required
  • Activation is not required
  • Many more..

How to Fix iOS System-Standard Mode:

Fix the most common issue of your iOS system without any data loss. Such as you can fix if your device is stuck on black or white screen. Boot loop, stuck on Apple logo, recovery mood loop and more can also be fixed in standard mode.

Now we are going to fix the problems, first of all connect your iOS device with your computer and launch the FixGo software. Then you will find two modes on the screen, we are going to fix the common issues so we will select the Standard Mode. Now Click on the standard mode and then there are some important note which is listed below.

  1. This program cannot be used to repair hardware faults on your device
  2. Your device will update to the latest version of iOS
  3. If the device is jailbroken, it will restore to a non-jailbroken state
  4. Please make sure your device is charged above 50 percent

Read the above note and then click on the Fix Now button. Your device is unlocked and the program doesn’t recognize or if you can’t unlock your device. Then follow the below instructions to put your device into recovery mode to allow the program to recognize it.

First of all select the iOS device you want to repair through Standard Mode. Like iPhone 8 and later, iPhone7/plus, other iPhone modes, Apple TV(2nd/3rd) or Apple TV HD. There is different procedure for different iOS device systems.

How to put iPhone Mobile models into recovery Mode?

In addition to iPhone 8 or other iPhone models the procedure is same. To put iPhone mobile models into recovery mode follow the below instructions.

  1. first of all connect your device to a computer with a USB data cable. Press and release the volume Up button and then the volume down button. Long press the side button until the screen turns black.
  2. Keep holding the side button even after the Apple log appears on the screen. And then release the side button when “connect to Apple iTunes” appears on the screen. The device specs will be detected by iToolab FixGo, now you will be directed to the next screen. Where you will find the option to download the Firmware for your device.
  3. After the downloading process of Firmware click on the fix now button, the FixGo will start repairing your device without any data loss.

How to put Apple TV into recovery mode:

For Apple TV(2n/3rd) or Apple TV HD there is different procedure to put it into recovery mode.

  1. First of all connect your Apple TV to your computer using a Micro-USB cable. Connect 3rd generation devices to a power source. Leave 2nd generation devices unplugged.
  2. Now hold down the Menu and Home button and release the buttons when the indicator light on the box flashes rapidly.
  3. When your Apple TV enters recovery mode, the program will automatically proceed to the next step.

Same as the iPhone device repairing process the FixGo program will detect your iOS Apple TV. Now download the Firmware for your Apple TV and click on the Fix Now button to start repairing your Apple TV devices.

How to Fix iOS System-Advance Mode:

Advance Mode will fix more serious problems like unlocking of passcode, phone getting bricked completely. Bricked phone completely from iPhone stock in the update bar and more. If you failed to solve your issue in Standard mode then you can use this method. This step will erase your data completely from your device.

The steps are pretty much the same as in Standard Mode, connect your iOS device to the computer with a USB data cable. Then launch iToolab FixGo software tool on your computer and then choose the Advance Mode.

The next step you need to do is to press the Fix Now button you will find important which are same as in the standard mode. Click on Fix Now button then you need to put your device into the recovery mode. We have explained above how to put device into recovery mode, likewise there is also the same procedure.

When your phone has entered on the recovery of DFU mode successfully the iTunes on your computer will pop out. Then the FixGo application tool automatically detects your device and show the perfect Firmware for your device.

Click on the download now button to download the firmware for your connected device. The next step is to click on the fix now button to fix all type of iOS issue in Advance mode.

Downloading and installation process of iToolab Fixgo:

Now if you want to download the free version of iToolab FixGo latest version for your pc, then click on the download button at the to. After hitting the download button the downloading process will be start. Install the FixGo Software tool after completion of downloading process.

Finally, to install this iOS repairing tool on your computer, click on the downloaded file. Ad the downloaded file is in .exe format so there is no need to do any extraction process. Simply double click on the FixGo installer then you will find the installation wizard on your screen. Accept the terms and conditions to proceed the installation process. Now the last step click on the install button to install it on your computer.

Final Words:

Finally here is the end of this post about the best iOS repairing software tool. Repair more then 200+ iOS issue with iToolab FixGo V3.3.0. It is a stunning software mobile tool and I my self also using this softwar tool for common iOS system issue. And it really helps me to fix all kind of software issues.

I also recommend this software tool for you no matter if you want to use it personally or you are running a software shop. I do believe you have understand about this tool and hope now you are able to use it. Beside this if you are having trouble then feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting dlmobitools.