Helios Injector APK

Download the Helios injector Apk new update v1.25 from here. The ML Apk will unlock all hero skins, boost rankings, and lead daily victories.
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21 Feb, 2024
10.5 MB
Android 4.0 and above
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Helios Injector APK Overview:

Helios Injector APK is an advanced App for the prominent game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The APK is more likely used to gain an unfair advantage over the ML players. Therefore, this generous APK provides some specific scripts and valuable features in the MLBB game that turn the gameplay in the user’s favor. With its premium features, ML players can boost their gaming skills and lead daily victories with satisfactory effects.

In addition, the Helios Injector acts as a lifesaver tool for those players who are finding it difficult to play the MLBB game and cannot lead daily victories. Secondly, the MLBB tool comes with a reliable solution to unlock all the premium stuff available in this game. Therefore, without paying a single cent, users can unlock their favorite items including, Skins, Weapons, Characters, etc.

More About Helios Injector APK (No Ban):

As Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an online popular multiplayer battle game. The battle game is first in hand to play in the year 2016. Similarly, the battle game is a freeware Legends game and has a wider user base of 250+ Million downloads worldwide. In addition, the ML game is most popular among players due to its realistic gameplay and simple system requirements.

Thus, the main physics of this game consists of 2 teams. From a detailed perspective, both teams have to fight with each other until one team is the winner first. The players in the team have to defend their bases by destroying their enemy’s bases.

Since the daily user base is increasing day to day, it brings tough competition among the players. Therefore, this change affects the newbie player of the Mobile Legends game. They have fewer ML skills and no upgraded hero collections in the game. That’s why, they are not able to compete in the game and gradually lose daily matches. Therefore, the Helios APK comes into action, allowing users to upgrade their skills and weapons.

Features of Helios Injector APK:

The Helios injector Apk is the perfect tool to enhance the ML gaming experience. Thus, the Apk comes with helpful features and built-in functions. Below I have written some main features of this ML injector Apk.

  • Drone view to cover all corners.
  • Customize background and music.
  • Unlock unlimited callbacks in the game.
  • Compatible with all Android devices.
  • Adjust Auto-aim controls.
  • Comes with multiple built-in functions.
  • Easy navigation options.
  • Provide extra support throughout the game.
  • Unlock unlimited premium skins, emotes, and characters.
  • Boost rankings, lead daily victories, and provide 2x damage.
  • Moreover, the Apk size is reduced to (10.5) MB.
  • The Apk is a freeware Android application.
  • A safe, secure, and 100% workable ML injector Apk.
  • 50% auto-win chances to win matches.
  • Furthermore, trace locations and mark the opponent’s movements.
  • Explore more features in the Apk.

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Other Features of Helios Injector APK:

Menu Skins:

  • Tank
  • Support
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Fighter

Drone View Menu:

  • 2x
  • 4x
  • 6x
  • 8x

ML Effects:

  • 20+ Spawns
  • 15+ Eliminations
  • 20+ Emotes
  • Custom Emotes
  • 40+ Recalls
  • Analogs
  • Borders

How to Install the Helios Injector APK?

The Apk offers a simple installation procedure. You can follow the below-written installation process to quickly install the Apk on your device.

  • Download the Apk setup from the top-corner download button.
  • Once the setup is downloaded, then open your phone’s browser.
  • Find the downloaded file and tap on the file setup.
  • Go to settings in your phone and allow sources to start the installation.
  • Then, agree to the instructions and terms of the installation process.
  • Now, enable the “Display over the Apps” option and click on the pop-up text.
  • Launch the file setup on your phone’s home screen.
  • That’s it. Unlock the features that you are interested in applying in your battle.


In summary, the Helios Injector ML Apk is the best and safest tool to overcome all ML game issues. To be honest, the Apk is a 100% workable and reliable solution to unlock top-rated premium items and lead daily victories. In addition, the Apk comes with simple navigation options, making it easy to use its functions and features without any issues.

FAQs About Helios APK Injector?

Does the ML injector support multiple Mods?

Yes, the Apk is satisfied with both mods. You can choose your mod in the Apk.

Does the Apk provide the Anti-Ban Feature?

Yes, the Helios Apk comes with the Anti-Ban feature. Hence, the Feature keeps your ML user account somewhat safe and secure.

Does the ML Apk require any Registration?

No, the Apk is a one-click solution to provide its helpful features. Therefore, it does not require any registrations, no app purchasing, or subscription fees.

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