Download Rescue and Smart Assistant (RSA) For Motorola and Lenovo

Having software problems with your smartphone or your device isn't working well and needs help to fix it. Then today I am here to introduce a software application tool to fix the problems. The Rescue and Smart Assistant (RSA) For Motorola and Lenovo smartphone is software tool to reflash the firmware on your device. 

The RSA rescue feature should be used when your device is not acting as well as it should and may be it is having issues powering up to normal use mode. Many times by reinstalling the firmware of your device fix the issue. It is flash tool which assist a lot in repairing of your Lenovo and Motorola based mobiles. 

Download Rescue and Smart Assistant (RSA) For Motorola and Lenovo

Software Name: Rescue & Smart Assistant(RSA) 
Category: Repairing Tool
File Size: 116 MB
File Type: Application(.exe)
Version: V6.22
License: Not Required

free download lenovo rescue and smart assistant v 6.22

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What is Rescue and Smart Assistant(RSA) Tool?

Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool is a software application tool for Lenovo and Motorola smartphones. It provide a great assistance in keep your device up-dated fix all the software related issues in your device. By this software tool you can install firmware on your device. 

Your device can work well by the use of Rescue feature you can install firmware of your device. Keep in mind that during the rescue procedure your all data stored in your phone like your images, videos, documents, text messages, and other personal data will be lost. 

rescue and smart assistant download

To help out from this condition the Rescue and Smart Assistant provides another feature to take backup of your important data. By which your data will be stored on a secured place and after the rescue process you can again restore it. 

If your device is powering up, it is highly recommended to use the RSA backup and restore feature before starting rescue process to secure your important data. 

RSA key features: 

  • Rescue to fix software related issue of your Lenovo and Motorola smartphone.
  • Manage your device data from your pc.
  • Backup and restore data between device and pc.
  • Transfer data from your device to your pc.
  • Import data from your pc to your device.
  • Copy text between device and PC.
  • Make animated GIFs from pictures on pc.
  • Make ringtones from music for your device.
  • Record device screen. 
  • The RSA also acts as a Lenovo PC Suite
  • Easy user interface so no technical skill is required.
  • Smooth in working.
  • Light weight software tool.
  • Free to download.
  • No license and activation code is required. 
  • More..

Interface of RSA V 6.22:

The latest version 6.22 of rescue and smart assistant(RSA) tool for Motorola and Lenovo interface comprises of some additional features. When you launch the RSA V 6.22 on your computer or laptop then at the start you will find three options which includes

ᐳ Rescue: 

rescue and smart assistant apk

In the rescue feature you can rescue your device, which means you can repair all the software related issues in your device. And you can download and reinstall the firmware of your connected device. By which your device will work smoothly and many software issue will be fixed. To rescue you have to download the firmware of your device and then you can reinstall the updated firmware in your device.

ᐳ My Device:

My device option comprises with many tabs, which includes the Home button where you will find all the information about your device like you will find the your device model, your device IMEI number, your device name, which software your device is currently using, android version, current version, and more details about your device.

lenovo smart assistant download for android

Below the Home tab you will find Apps tab where you will find all the Applications installed on your device. You can also uninstall and install new application on your device from your pc. 

Just below the Apps tab you will find the Pictures tab from which you can view all the images stored on your device, and you can also make changes to them or you can transfer the images from your device to your pc.

Then there is a Songs Tab which you will find below the picture tab. You can get access to all the songs and music stored in your device and you can also transfer songs and music to your personal computer or laptop.

Now you will find Videos Tab from where you will find all the videos saved on your device and you can make changes to them like you can delete the videos of your device directly from your pc and also transfer videos to your pc by the help of RSA.

Contact Tab is also available from which you can view all the contacts stored on your device and you can also edit them, delete duplicate contacts and also add new contacts directly from your computer. 

Files is the last tab in My Device feature, by hitting the files tab you will be directed to the files stored on your device and you can also make changes to them. 

ᐳ Backup & Restore:

lenovo rescue and smart assistant 32bit

Backup and restore features is available on the RSA software tool which is very great thing near me. The backup features allows you to take backup of your important data like images, videos, apps, documents, contacts, text messages, and personal files stored on your device. You can take backup and store it in to a secure place and you can also restore the backup when needed. 

ᐳ Tool box: 

rescue and smart assistant features

Tool box is another amazing feature of RSA by the help of which you can you can copy text between device and pc, make animated GIFs from pictures on pc, make ringtones from your music, and also provides access in screen recording. 

How to do the Process of Rescue? 

If you want to repair all the software issues of your device then you have to reinstall the firmware of your device, which helps to fix all the software related issues of your device. In the rescue process you can reinstall the firmware that best suits your device. 

To start the rescue process first you need to connect your device with a quality USB data cable, and make sure that the device couldn't be disconnected during the process of rescue. Why we recommend Rescue and Smart Assistant (RSA) to rescue your device? Because this software tool really helps you to find the best firmware which suits your device. 

rescue and smart assistant old version

Things to keep in mind before start the rescue process: 

  • Make sure you have a qualified or original USB data cable. 
  • Be sure the phone/tablet is charged 60% or higher.
  • Check that your pc has 5GB or more of space to download and unzip the firmware file. 

Steps to be followed during rescue process:

how to do rescue with moto lenovo rsa

  1. Launch the Rescue and Smart Assistant (RSA) tool on your computer then click on the rescue feature so you will find some important instructions which I have listed just above. Carefully read the instructions and click on the Phone Rescue button.
  2. Here we're going to walk you through how to connect your phone in fastboot mode, the android operating must be in fastboot mode in order to use rescue.
  3. So once you your cable and phone is available click the next button.
  4. Now power off your phone, once it is powered off go ahead and click on the next button. 
  5. Connect your USB data cable to your pc first, once it is connected to your pc go ahead and click on the next button.
  6. Here's where a little complicated with holding your phone in your hand, with your finger press and hold the volume down key, once the volume down key is selected then go ahead and connect your phone with the USB data cable. 
  7. Once the cable is connected to your phone with the volume down key still pressed you will eventually see the green android icon. 
  8. Once you see the green android icon on your phone's display then release the volume down key. 
  9. Once RSA tool will detect your phone in fastboot mode the screen will automatically switch over to show what your device credentials are here it will show model name, your IMEI serial name, as well as your software version but what we are interested in here is the firmware that's needed to run rescue process.
  10. Now go ahead and click on the download button to download the suitable firmware file of your device.
  11. Once the download process is completed and it shows zero time left, keep in mind that it still needs to go through the firmware unzip at this point once the firmware is fully downloaded and unzipped you are now ready to start the rescue process. 
  12. Now go ahead and click on the Start Rescue button.
  13. Now if you're already on the latest version go ahead and click on OK. 
  14. Now you will have to accept the Lenovo Moto privacy policy and keep in mind to take backup your important data because during the rescue process your all data will be lost. 
  15. When rescue process is completed it will show a conformation message then click on the OK button and the last click on the finish button. At this process your phone will be powered off and the RSA can be close out. 
Note: Make sure your device will not be disconnect during the Rescue process and you have take backup of your important data. 

How to create a Lenovo ID or Login to RSA? 

If you want to create a Lenovo ID then launch the RSA at the top right corner you will find a Account icon click on it and click on the Sign UP. Now it will ask you for your email ID. Enter your email ID on the required field and click on the next button. After that it will ask you for your first name, and last name enter the your info in the required field and enter a strong password which will be used during login process and click on the next button. Now it will sent you a conformation mail to the email ID which you have entered at the beginning. 

how to create lenovo id in rsa

Now open your Gmail account and conform your email. Then open RSA software tool again and click on the login button. Enter your email and password to get access to the RSA tool. 

Downloading and Installation process:

You can free download the latest version of RSA from the download button provided at the top of this article. Make sure your system fulfil the requirements mentioned above like storage capacity. After hitting the download button the download process will be started. Once the download process will be completed then you will find the downloaded file on the "downloads" folder of your pc. 

free download RSA v6.22 for windows

Now the next thing we need to do is to extract the downloaded file by using an extraction tool. I recommend WinRAR but it depends on you which extraction tool you are using. Extract the downloaded file on a best location so you will get the installation setup. Lunch the rescue and smart assistant setup and click the next button. Now accept its terms and conditions and select the directory where you want to install this software tool. Then click on the next button to start the installation process. Once the installation process will be completed now the rescue and smart assistant (RSA) tool for Lenovo and Motorola phones is ready to use. You will find the Launch icon on your desktop. 

rescue and smart assistant download

Now if you want the latest version 6.22 of RSA then it will automatically show you a message that " New version of RSA detected" click on the upgrade button to update RSA to the latest version. The update size is 143 MBs so it is required to have a free space of minimum 150MBs on your computer. 

Final Words: 

That's all information about Rescue and Smart Assistant V 6.22, we have tried our best to describe our best knowledge about RSA to you, and I do believe you have well understand the downloading, installation and rescue process. Beside this if you find any kind of trouble in any case then you can feel free to contact us or you can give us a comment on the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible. To get notified about latest post click on the subscribe button and to be a part of our community hit the follow button. 

Thank You and Have A Nice Day!

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