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 Hi, what's going on guys today I just want to explain about the new software tool which I myself using from a while which is known as EaseUS Mobimover which is an iPhone tool that you can free download on your pc or your macOS computer. Basically what this software tool lets you do is it lets you backup and store any type of file from iPhone onto your computer or even transfer files from one iPhone device to another iPhone device.

The best thing about this software tool is once you have all of your files saved on your computer you can actually delete them from your phone. And this way you'll never run out of storage space or run out of iCloud space on your iPhone. I have using this software program from a while and I have a great experience while using EaseUS Mobimover iPhone tool and I would highly recommend it for anybody looking to transfer files from iPhone to computer, computer to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone and backup their files and data. It is very convenient and easy to use this software application. The EaseUS Mobimover has many positive reviews from its users. Free download EaseUS Mobimover iPhone tool from here.

easeus mobimover free download

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About EaseUS Mobimover:

The EaseUS Mobimover is a software tool designed for iPhone mobile brands which is an alternative of iTunes. It provides access to transfer different type of data from one iPhone to another and from iPhone to iPad, PC or MacOS. It not only assist in transferring of data but it also provide you access to take backup and restore of WhatsApp chats and attachments. EaseUS Mobimover is free to download their is no any technical skill required for its operation and use.

Features of EaseUS Mobimover:

The latest version of EaseUS Mobimover Software comes with various and amazing features, which helps you a lot in apply different actions. These features are listed below.
  • Transfer different type of data in one click
  • Transfer data between iPhone to iPhone 
  • Transfer data between iPhone and PC/Mac
  • Provides fast data transfer 
  • Take backup 
  • Restore the backup data
  • Download audio files and videos online to your iPhone or pc
  • Easier and more flexible software
  • Transfer Apps, Notes, Contacts, Podcasts, Messages in one click
  • Fully trusted and secure software application
  • EaseUS Mobimover is Free to download 
  • EaseUS Mobimover is for both PC and Mac
  • No license key or required for any kind of activation 
  • No technical skill is required for its operation 
  • Quite simple and easy interface
  • Smooth in working 
  • More..

Downloading and Installation Process of EaseUS Mobimover:

You can free download and install the EaseUS Mobimover software application tool in your PC or Mac in a simple procedure. If you have a question, How to download and install EaseUS Mobimover in your PC or Mac? Then I have described all the procedure below, go through the below steps.

download easeus mobimover free for windows

  • The first step you have to do is to free download the EaseUS Mobimover from the downloading button provided at the end of this article.
  • After clicking on the download button you will be redirected to our official Media fire account, then you will find the downloaded file click on the download button to start the downloading process.
  • After successfully downloading the file you will find the downloaded file in the downloads folder of your computer. The file will be in .exe installer format.
  • Now the next thing you have to do is to double click on the installer file. After that you will face the EaseUS Mobimover installer wizard, now click on the install now button.
  • After clicking on the install now button the installation procedure will be start, it will take a while to successfully install on your pc or mac.
  • Now connect your iPhone device and do the things you want.

Build-In Actions or Usage of EaseUS Mobimover Tool:

If you have downloaded the latest version of EaseUS Mobimover tool in your pc or mac then in the main interface you will find a message to connect your IOS device with your pc or mac by using a USB data cable. So you can free transfer iPhone data. Alright now we are going ahead for its built-in actions you know about them before using the EaseUS Mobimover tool. 

> Content Management: 

transfer iphone files by easeus mobimover

In the first interface of the software application you will find the content management tab. This tab consists of different categories. Now you can select the category you want to manage, like in Audio category there are different options which includes you can manage of transfer Music, Playlists, Ringtones, Voice memos and Audio books. In Picture category you can manage Images and Albums. In Video category you can manage movies, TV shows and files contains videos. You can also transfer or manage books, voicemail, podcast. The messages category is also available you can also manage or transfer the text messages and WhatsApp chats and attachments. Also you can manage contact notes and apps in the content management tab.

> Phone to PC:

easeus mobimover iphone to pc

On the phone to pc tab you can permanent preserve your life stories. You can take a backup of all your important data like images, videos, text messages, documents and more. Transfer them to your pc or mac to keep them safe in your secondary storage device or pc. You can take backup of iPhone/iPad or iPod. By transferring data from phone to pc you will get rid of storage problem of iPhone or iCloud, it provides a fast transfer process in one click. Click on the select file button to select the files you want to export from your phone to your pc. 

> PC To Phone:

easeus mobimover pc to iPhone

On the PC to Phone tab you can import your important data from your PC to your phone which you want to enjoy in your phone. You can drag and drop the files from your pc to your phone in one click. By which you can look the files you need daily in your iPhone like images, important notes, documents, contacts and others. 

> Phone To Phone:

easeus mobimover iphone to iphone

On the phone to phone tab you can transfer your all data from your one iPhone device to another. If you have buy a new IOS phone and wants to transfer your data from your old iPhone to new iPhone. Then there is no any need to try another way of transferring of data. Like first you will sent to your pc then again import the data from your pc to your new iPhone device. So to overcome this issue EaseUS Mobimover provides this amazing feature of phone to phone data transferring option by which you can directly transfer all the data you want to transfer from one phone to another in just one click.

> Video Downloader: 

easeus mobimover video downloader

This is an amazing feature by which you can download any kind of video you want. For that purpose click on the video downloader tab and then select the category from where the video is like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform. Simply copy the video URL and paste it in the require URL section in your EaseUS Mobimover application and click on the download button. Then it will directly download on your Phone in just one click. 

> Backup and Restore:

easeus mobimover backup and restore

Backup and Restore feature provides you access to take flexible backup of your iPhone contents such as contacts, images, videos and many other data you need to take backup. After taking backup if you want to restore your backup data then you can safely and quickly restore it. And also browse backup data, view and manage your backup files. You can also take backup of your WhatsApp messages to pc, view and restore WhatsApp backup data to your IOS device and also transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhone to iPhone.

> HEIC to JPG and Video to MP3:

convert heic to jpg by easeus mobimover

You can convert any type of image from HEIC to JPG without loss of its quality very easily for that purpose you just have to browse the image you want to convert. And also if you want to convert the video files to MP3, you just need to do is to browse the video file which you want to convert to MP3. 

Difference between Free and Pro Version of EaseUS Mobimover:

The EaseUS Mobimover provides two version of software the first one is Free version and the second version is Pro version. The free version is absolutely free you don't need to spend a single penny but it couldn't provides access to all of its features. If we are talking about the Pro version of EaseUS Mobimover tool, then it provides access to all of its amazing features. The difference between free and pro version is,  


Free Version of EaseUS Mobimover

Pro Version of EaseUS Mobimover

Data Transfer Limit

20 Files Per Day

Unlimited files per day

Transfer data between computer and iPhone



Manage iPhone files



Download video and Audio files



Back up iPhone/iPad



Restore iPhone from backup



Back up WhatsApp chats



Download EaseUS Mobimover for windows

free download easeus mobimover for windows

Download EaseUS Mobimover For MacOS

free download easeus mobimover for mac

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The EaseUS Mobimover provides you many of its features in its free version, if you want to gain access to its all features then you can buy it from the official website of EaseUS Mobimover Official Website. And that's all information about this software application tool for iPhone or IOS devices. I hope you have well learned about its function, usage, features, downloading and installation process and the interface of software. Beside this if you face any kind of trouble in any case then you can give us a comment in the comment box or feel free to contact us Via Email. We will try our best to reach you back and solve your problem.

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