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The main security feature of a Android device is the Pattern, PIN or Password. Almost everyone is using these security locks to protect his/her Android device. What happened! if we forget these security locks and not able to unlock the phone, so at that time we feel panic. By overlooking this main problem today I am here with a popular Multi Tool for your Android device. If you are facing such kind of problem with your phone then stay with this article, you will find the perfect solution to unlock your device security locks. 

Android Multi Tool Latest Setup Download

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What is Android Multi Tools?

Android Multi Tools is a software program that will allow you to reset/unlock Pattern, PIN, Password or Face locks of Android devices. The updated version of Android Multi v.102b has been recently launched and modified with high professional features. We often changes our passwords or patterns to improve security. It is a common thing to forget passwords or pattern locks in this busy life however now it became possible to reset security locks with the help of Android Multi Tools. 

If you are having security lock issues on your phone then you don't need to feel worry because the New Version of Android Multi Tool is modified with upgraded features, once you will free download the new version of this tool then you will be able to reset your password, PIN and pattern locks easily. Moreover, you can check your android device status regularly and reset confront information/Gesture. Free download the Android Multi Tools for Windows 10 right now and bypass your device screen lock passwords. 

Modified Features

Android Multi tools is a safe, trusted and popular application to bypass/remove Android screen locks. The updated version is modified with skillful features. You can operate this excellent tool on old and new launched android smartphones. Below I have written some popular and most used features of this tool. Before going to operate the tool directly its better to know its functions. 

  • Unlock/Bypass PIN, Pattern, Password and Face locks within a minute
  • Notify your device status regularly
  • Provide Feature to unlock/reset overlooked Gmail ID
  • Reboot your device
  • Feature of Fastboot mode
  • Provide full information about the connected 
  • Free download Apk Tool
  • Easy user-interface 
  • Provide information about Programming and other data
  • Provide information about Software and Hardware
  • Command Prompt is also accessible 

How to Install Android Multi Tool?

The installation procedure of Android Multi Tool is quite simple. Below I have written a easy and quick method to install the Android Multi Tool, follow me and apply this simple method to download this tool. 

> First download the tool from below download link.

>  After download, now extract the download file.

> Click on the .exe file and start the installation process.

> Now follow the simple installation wizard.

> Finally enjoy the application.

Android Multi Tool Free download

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How I Use Android Multi Tool?

If you are using the application for the first time then for its operation you must follow some steps. Don't worry its no too complicated to use their is no any technical skill is required for its operation. 

  • The first step is to launch Android Multi Tool for that purpose double click on the tool icon to open it.
  • Now connect your phone with your computer with a USB data cable and turn on the USB debugging setting on your phone.
  • After done, now open the Android Multi Tool v1.02b download file.
  • Once open the file, it will pop-up the access permission TAP YES and move on.
  • CLI (Command Line Interface) is accessible and easy to use.
  • Now press the ENTER Button or press 1 for operate device status like Device, ID, IMEI etc.
  • To remove Face Locks, Pattern, Passwords you need to press button 2. The unlock instructions are also provided here.
  • To unlock Gmail account login you need to press Button 4, this will help you to access the unlock wizard.
  • To Format data you need to press 5 button and follow the simple procedure.
  • Press the button 6, if you are looking to reboot your device.
  • The remaining 7/8/9 buttons are accessible to go Fastboot Mode, Wipe Data, check status and also exit Fastboot mode.
  • There are several other Task button, you can review its functions according to your will. 

Once you will free download this excellent tool from here then you can use the above operating process for your Android smartphone. If we talk about the security background of Android Multi Tool for windows then we are make sure that this tool is bind with tight security and protection. Moreover, you can review its popularity through social media, almost every android user has a positive sense for this tools and also this tool has millions of downloads on software market. 

Supporting Windows OS,

No doubt, the Android Multi Tool is friendly with all windows OS, you can free download this remarkable tool below mentioned windows OS. However windows VISTA and XP is also supported on by this tool. 

1. Windows 10

2. Windows 8

3. Windows 7


Android Multi Tools Free Download


No doubt, Android Multi Tool is one of the best and trusted application for Android smartphones. After reviewing this post, you will be make sure that this tool is going to be very helpful for your device. Free download the tool right now and enjoy its useful features. While the process if you feel any issue on this tool. Please contact with us, we will try our best to fix out your issue. Join dlmobitools after pressing the FOLLOW Button. Thanks for your support and love. We will always wait for your Feedback and suggestions. 

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