Download Micromax PC Suite Full Setup Free For Windows 7/8/10

Micromax PC Suite Full Setup is a PC Suite software which is used to connect your phone to your personal laptop and computer. By using Micromax PC Suite you can transfer any kind of data from your device to your personal computer or laptop. You can not only transfer your data but also access all the features which you are accessing on your device you can also access them from your personal computer. 

One of the best software tools of modern technology is the Micromax PC Suite, this software tool also help you to access the Internet connection between your smartphone and computer. In a situation, If you don't have internet access (Wi-Fi) or any other internet connection and you want to access the Internet on your computer or laptop then this PC Suite is for you. You can free download Micromax pc suite from the download button provided below for windows operating system. 

Download Micromax PC Suite Full Setup Free foe windows

Software Name: Micromax PC Suite
Category: PC Suite
Software Type: RAR File (.rar) 
Size: 2.94MB
Version: Latest 
License: Not Required

free download micromax for windows

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About Micromax Android PC Suite Software: 

Micromax Android PC Suite is a PC suite software for android devices and downloaded and installed on windows. This PC Suite software is used to make a strong connection between your android device and computer. It helps you to transfer your data from your android device to your phone and you can also import your data from your computer to your phone very easily and quickly. 

Micromax PC suite 2022 for windows 10

You can not only transfer your data but you also do the same in your computer which you are doing on your smartphone. Like you can view messages, sent messages, view multi-media, access contacts and access all the features which you are doing on your smartphone. 

With the help of this pc suite software you can also take backup of your data which includes images, videos, messages, contact list, documents and other data types. And also you can restore them when needed with your personal computer. For that purpose you have to download and install the Micromax Android PC Suite Software on your windows and connect your device to access all its features.

Best Features Of Micromax PC Software: 

The latest version of Micromax pc software provides various features by which you can get full access of your device in your personal computer. The features include, 

  • Transfer your needed data from your android smartphone to your computer easily and quickly. 
  • Take full access of your android device in your personal computer or laptop.
  • Access multi-media of your device directly from your computer.
  • Access phonebook contacts and also make changes in it like delete duplicate contacts, edit contact details, forward contact etc.
  • Access messages of your device also view the inbox, outbox, sent and draft messages in your pc, and you can reply to a message, forward a message, copy and paste messages. 
  • View and make changes on the settings of your mobile phone.
  • Access settings and file manager of your device from your pc.
  • You can also use the internet of your device on your pc or laptop.
  • The backup feature is also available in the Micromax pc suite so you can easily take backup of your important data.
  • Micromax pc suite software provides a unique interface so you can easily use this software tool without any technical skill.
  • You can install new apps and games from the internet on your computer.
  • You can also update the firmware/software of your device and tablets.
  • You can free download the full setup of Micromax pc suite no any charges and license is required.
  • More..

How to use Micromax Pc Suite: 

Micromax pc suite is very easy to use and it does not require any technical skill for its operation. It has user-friendly interface so everyone can use this pc suite software. I have tried to explain the usage and interface of Micromax suite here. When you launch the Micromax Pc Suite on your computer then you will find the following interface on your screen. 


free download micromax latest setup

Phonebook is the first tab in Micromax Pc software, in this tab you can access your all contact list which are saved in your device directly from your computer. On the top of phonebook you can view some of its features like you can create a new contact, you can open a contact and view its details which you have saved in it like phone number, email address, office number, fax, company etc. And you can cut, copy, paste and delete any contact from your computer. 


micromax for windows official free download

You will find the messages tab just below the phonebook tab. In the messages tab you can view the messages stored in Inbox folder, outbox, draft and sent messages of the connected device directly from your computer. You can not only view the messages but you can also sent a new message from your computer, you can reply to a message, you can cut or forward a message and also delete the unwanted messages using PC suite of Micromax from your computer. 


micromax pc suite for windows 2022

You can also access the settings of the connected device on Micromax PC Software. You can view the model and brand of your connected device, you can create a new modem connection of different operators like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone and other operators are also available. You can also change the SMS settings and also the languages option is available by which you can select your understandable language like Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese etc. 


micromax pc suite 1.08 free download

You can access to the MMS of your device from your computer with the help of this PC Suite Software. The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) on your device directly accessed by your computer. You can also play, stop and pause MMS from your computer. Also you can edit, copy, paste, delete or download MMS from your device to your computer. You can also upload MMS to the handset. You can view inbox, outbox, sent and draft folders of MMS.  

File Manager: 

latest pc suite setup

The last but not least feature is you can view the file manager of your device from your computer by clicking on the file manager tab. In which you can view all the multimedia like images, videos, GIFs stored on your device. You can also make changes to the multimedia like you can cut, copy, paste, delete any type of multimedia from your computer. 

How to download and install Micromax PC Suite? 

To download the Micromax tool is not that easy nor that much difficult. If you have some idea to download Micromax apk then you can easily able to download the helpful tool. Below I have written a simple download process to download the Micromax pc suite on your computer. If you are unfamiliar with this tool then get some idea about tool. Read the below process and carefully download and install this useful tool.

how to download micromax pc suite

  • First of all free download the full setup of Micromax PC Suite from the downloaded button provided top of this article. 
  • By hitting the download button the downloading process of Micromax PC software will be start. 
  • After successfully downloading the pc suite software now go to the downloads folder in your pc there you will find the downloaded file in .rar type format.
  • Now it is in compressed format so you need to extract it by using an extraction tool. 
  • After successfully extraction now you will get the installation setup. 
  • Double click on the installation setup, so you will directed to the installation wizard of Micromax PC suite. 
  • Now change the directory if you want and follow the on screen instructions. 
  • When the installation process will be completed you will get a desktop icon of Micromax PC Suite. Double click on the icon to launch the PC suite software and now it is ready to use. 

Supported Windows OS:

> Windows XP (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

> Windows 7 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

> Windows 8 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

> Windows 10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

> Windows VISTA (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

Supported Models:

Support all Micromax series including, X, G, CG, and GC, and also supports all Q series (q3, q5, q75) and many more including other models.


This is an all-one program for all micro-max users including smartphones and tablets. This PC Suite is officially designed for those users who want to enhance more mobile experience on a computer. Micromax is creating a bridge between your computer and concerned smartphone. It will allow you to share data with both concerned devices, you can share your images, documents, audio, videos, and many more without any connection issues.


So, guys, today is the end of this article. I hope that you have well learned about the Micromax pc software tool and enable to use this awesome tool without any problems. In any case, if you are facing any kind of issue related to any software tool tool, then feel free and contact us. We have mentioned both the comment box and Email id to enhance your feedback or issues. We will try our best to reach you as soon as possible and will come up with the most perfect solutions for your issue. If you want to stay with us, then press the 'follow' button and join 'DL Mobi Tools' Thank you.

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