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Hello Guy's heartly welcome to Mobile Tool Box. Today we are here to make you know about a new software application tool which is for android and window. Which will make a great assistance to fix all the android related problems. The software tool is Jurassic Universal Tool. Which allows you to do many actions with your android device. You can simply download the Jurassic software from here and make changes in your android smartphone, tablet or device. 
Free download the latest version of Jurassic universal android tool from here and easily install it in your PC, full setup is available here.
The Jurassic software APK not only reset the PINS/Passwords but it also provides the feature to read any type of security locks like pattern, passcode, pins, passwords. So there will no need to lost your precious data, but you can simply read the security password of your device and enter it to take access of your android device.

jurassic tool android software

About Jurassic Software Tool:

The Jurassic universal software tool which is designed for android devices, and it is also for operating systems like windows etc. It provides many services like remove android security locks, wipe data, wipe history, Fastboot, APK installer, malware remover, pattern bypass, root device and many more.
The Jurassic universal tool have a great user interface so you it doesn't require any technical knowledge for its operation. It has many build-in actions with categories which makes it more easier to make apply actions. The latest version of Jurassic universal tool APK for android comes with various and amazing features.

Features of Jurassic Universal Tool:

The Jurassic Software for android has it's many amazing features. For your understanding we have listed the main and important features below in some points. Go through the features to clear your all doubts about this software application tool.
  • The Jurassic android tool provides access to flash your device in some simple steps.
  • Provide a great assistance in rooting of your android device.
  • Not only reset your android security passwords but also read the passwords, so you don't need to change your android device software.
  • You can easily wipe all the data you don't need include malware.
  • You can also read and remove the Gmail Account with Jurassic software.
  • It doesn't require any technical knowledge or skill for it's operation, it has a easy user-interface you can easily use/operate this software tool.
  • It also doesn't require any monthly premier/payments, it is absolutely free of cost.
  • You can wipe the history you want and all the history in one tap.
  • It's downloading is also free.

Built-in Actions:

The latest version of Jurassic universal tool has many built-in actions, you can use these built-in action to make changes in your android smartphone or device. These built-in actions include.

Services: In the service you will find the below options, choose the options you want to do.
  • Reset PINs/Password
  • Reset PINs/Password (SU)
  • Reset Pattern
  • Reset Pattern Code
  • Wipe Data
  • Wipe data (SU)
  • Wipe History
  • Wipe Dalvik-Cache
  • Pattern Bypass
  • Fastboot
  • Root
  • Control
  • Server 
  • System
  • Exit Safe Mode
Editor: The sub-categories include in Editor include.
  • Boot Animation Flasher
  • APK Extractor
  • Built-Prop Editing
  • Script.bin Editing
  • SN Charger of A13 Devices
App MGR: In App MGR you can perform the following actions.
  • Games and application installer
  • Zip File Manager
  • List of installed applications
  • List of uninstalled applications
  • View Blocked applications
  • Block applications you want
  • Unblock applications you want
  • Backup of files include Camera files, Internal storage files, SD card files, Installed applications
  • Dump A13 firmware
  • IMEI Rebuilder
  • Integrated Android Flasher

Memory: In memory tab you can read all the information about the options mentioned below.
  • Read system memory
  • Read SD Card memroy
  • Read CPU Info
  • Read Memory Info
  • Read Module
  • Read Battery Data
  • Wipe Battery Statistics
  • Check Partition
  • Read External SD Card

jurassic universal android tool free download

Why Jurassic Universal Tool?

The Jurassic tool for android has many amazing features which allows you to make changes in your android device. We have mentioned all the features and built-in actions above. This is the only software tool which provides all the important features at one place. So you don't need to search for any other software for different action. You just need to download this software tool to apply all the actions you want. We recommend this software application tool because it is user interface you don't need to learn more about it, just understand its some basic things. And this is absolutely free application, it doesn't require any cost/monthly premier.

Downloading And Installation:

Now it's time to download and install the latest version of Jurassic universal tool for android. If you want to download, install and use this software application then we have provided the Jurassic android tool v5.0.3 full free download. We have provided the download button below simply click the downloading button then you will be redirected to our Medi Fire account, from there you can free download Jurassic Universal tool free with malware. Free download the latest version from here.
Then you will find the Zip file of Jurassic software in >My PC> Downloads.
Go on the download there you will find the Zip file, so you need to extract the zip file to get it's setup. For extraction you can use any extraction tool. Right click on the downloaded file and extract it on a best location. There you will get the full setup of Jurassic android tool, now double click on the setup you will face the installation wizard. Follow the on-screen instruction for its proper installation.
It will take a few while for its proper installation.
After its installation now the Jurassic Universal tool is ready to use.

Download Here>>

jurassic universal android tool apk

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Software Details:

Software Name

Jurassic Universal Android Tool

File Size

52.55 MBs

File Type

ZIP File





Supported Windows:

  • Windows XP Service pack 3(64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32-64bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-64bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-64bit)
  • Windows 10 (32-64bit)
  • Windows 11/11Pro (32-64bit)


Here is the end of today's post about Jurassic Android Software. I do believe you have well-learned about its features, built-in actions, downloading and installation process. Free download the software from here, the downloaded button is provided above. We have tried our best to make you understand about this android software tool with its accurate research. Beside this if you find any trouble while installing, downloading and using the Jurassic Software APK then you can give us a comment in the comment box or feel free to contact us through email or any social media platform provided.
We will try our best to sort out your issues.
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