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Lenovo PC Suite is a software application program that is assist you to connect your Lenovo Mobile Brand with your personal computer and Laptop. Lenovo PC Suite is free available to download on your windows and it comes with its latest version and USB Driver which helps to fix the connectivity issue between your smartphone and your personal computer. 

Lenovo pc suite will enable you to perform a lot of tasks on your phone with pc without any issue. As we know that Lenovo company is now upgrading its technology all over the world and one of the succeeded mobile brands in this modern era, recently Lenovo brand has owned Motorola mobile company so now you can also access the Lenovo moto smart Assistance. Once you have installed the pc suite on windows, it will enable you to access so many applications on your pc. It will surely surprise you that you will not wish to uninstall this helpful application from your pc.

Latest Version of Lenovo PC Suite Download

Software Name: Lenovo PC Suite
Version: Latest
File Type: .rar
File Size: 
Developer: Lenovo Support
License: Not required 

Download Lenovo PC Suite

Download USB Driver 

Note: We are really apologize that the downloading file is not available now. It will be updated soon. 

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What is Lenovo PC Suite: 

The PC Suite for Lenovo mobile brands is a software application program that can be installed on your computer and by which you can easily connect your Lenovo smartphone to your computer. What Lenovo PC suite let you do, it lets you to access all your Lenovo phone features in your personal computer and laptop. 

You can do all the things which you are doing in your smartphone can also be done by the help of this best Lenovo PC suite. You can view all the device information and you also view the multi-media in which is saved on your smartphone on your computer and also transfer any type of data from your phone to computer and from your computer to your phone. 

This PC suite software for Lenovo mobile brand also provides access to read and sent messages, view contact details and edit accordingly, maintain multi-media in your device from your computer and also update the software version from your computer and you can also access the internet of your smartphone on your computer. 

Features of Lenovo PC Software: 

  • Create a strong connection between your Lenovo mobile and your computer.
  • Transfer your data from your phone to computer.
  • Import data from your computer to your phone.
  • Read, delete or reply messages from your computer. 
  • Maintain contact list and edit accordingly. 
  • Access internet of your device on your computer. 
  • User friendly interface no any technical skill is required.
  • Light weight application.
  • Secure and trusted application program.
  • Smooth in working. 
  • Free download.
  • No license and any activation code is required. 
  • Ads and virus free.

This amazing software application (Lenovo Pc Suite) assist you to make changes and maintain all type of data. You can skillfully download and play popular games on your pc, once you have properly connected the phone with your personal computer. Moreover, you can fix errors, backup data, upgrade phones, transfer data and many more others. You may download free the latest up to the dated version of the Lenovo pc suite from our site and go ahead to enjoy the features.

Friendly Supported Windows OS

Alike, Lenovo PC Suite latest version supports so many Windows OS, it is a freeware program where you will be enabled to manage maximum free software on your pc. For your acknowledgement, I have written below some common windows OS of Lenovo pc suite 2022. Go through the windows OS and easily find your suitable windows OS.

Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

ᐳ Windows 7  (32-bit and 64-bit)

ᐳ Windows 8  (32-bit and 64-bit)

 Windows 8.1  (32-bit and 64-bit)

 Windows 10  (32-bit and 64-bit)

What is a Lenovo USB Driver?

The Lenovo USB Driver is a driver package that plays a vital role to fix the connectivity issue between your Lenovo smartphone and your personal computer. By installing this driver package on your computer you can fix the connectivity issue. If you face the connectivity issue then you can also free download the Lenovo USB driver and install it on your PC to fix all the connectivity issues. 

How to install and update Lenovo USB Driver?

If you are facing the connectivity issue between your Lenovo device and your computer then you need to download the Lenovo USB driver and install it on your computer. 

For that purpose first free download the Lenovo USB driver and then open the device manager. Now search for Port and click on it, and then click on update driver. Now there you will find two options the first option is windows will automatically search for drivers and the second option is Browse my computer for drivers. 

Select the second option and browse the downloaded file of USB Driver package from your computer. And click on next, then the USB driver package will be installed on your computer. Now restart your computer so you will find a option on the right corner of task bar. Now you can connect your device with your computer without facing any issue. You will find the download button of Lenovo USB Driver at the top of this post hit the download button to start downloading. 

Downloading and Installation Procedure: 

The downloading and installation of Lenovo PC Suite is quite simple and easy if you have some idea to download any software. The first thing you need to do is to click the download button provided at the top of this article, then the downloading process will be start. After successfully downloading the the Lenovo PC Suite you will find the downloading file on the downloads folder of your computer. 

As the file is in compressed Zip format so need an extraction tool to extract. I recommend WinRaR because I my self using it and it is very simple to use and its process of extraction if fast. Now extract it on a best location so you will get the Installation setup of PC software of Lenovo. Now double click on the setup so you will face the installation wizard on your computer screen. Now click on next button, accept its terms and conditions, change the directory if you want and click on the install button. After successfully installation now Lenovo PC software is ready to use. 


The Lenovo PC Suite is considered a successful application to connect your Lenovo and Motorola based smartphone with your personal computer. In addition, you can also repair your device without using any specific software. If you want to perform USB Dubbing, then you must have to choose the Lenovo pc suite, I do believe this is astounding and this adorable application contains very precise features to perform USB Dubbing easily and smoothly.

We are hopeful that you have well learned about the Lenovo PC Suite after reading this article. If you are still facing issues with this application, then feel free to contact us in the comment box or Email us, we will try our best to reach you back. Subscribe dlmobitools by hitting the subscribe notification shown our site after 10 Seconds so you will be notified through notification. To be a part of our family hit the follow button. 

Thank you and Have A Nice Day.

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