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Hello everyone Heartily welcome to Download Mobile Tools. Today I am here with the updated version of Google USB Driver for your windows. Google USB Drivers are useful for different purposes mostly if you want to perform ADB Dubbing with your Google device and manipulate custom development to unlock the bootloader for rooting. Stay with this article you will summarize the Google USB Driver in detail. 

What is Google USB Drivers?

A Google USB Driver is a driver package installed on the computer to communicate with the hardware to perform the functions. Simply, the driver client give commands to the hardware to perform any function. Google USB Drivers are modified with high quality features and it also provide a cool user interface. The Google USB Drive

Google USB driver for windows latest version 2022

Driver Package Name: Google USB Driver
Category: USB Driver Package
File size: 8.28 MB
File Type: Zip file (.zip)
Download: Free

free download google usb driver for windows

More About Google USB Driver: 

If your smartphone is not functioning correctly, you can manipulate custom development to unlock the bootloader and handily root it. Custom development will require to be done by using a PC with a USB cable. To do this, you first need to install the latest version of Google USB Drivers on your pc. If you don't have them now just download them from and install them, to do this activity connect your device with your personal computer via any USB Cable and install Google drivers on it. 

When the drivers have been properly installed then you will be able to connect your device with pc. Let me confirm that you do not need any pc suite application or any other software. You can skillfully utilize this beneficial driver to flash or install the Google Stock Firmware. The Driver is a part of the preloader driver, which shows that it does not to be updated. The Google USB Driver is a program file that you need to download from the internet. If you are not convinced where to download it, you can find it on Google's official Website. Once you have completely downloaded it, you can follow the common steps and install the driver on your laptop or computer. 

On the other hand, you can manually install the program if you like, first, you need to restart your pc, it's very reasonable to introduce the deadest version of Google USB Driver on your computer. You must amass the updated windows on your pc to install the latest version. The downloading strategy is very modest and manageable. You just need to follow some common instructions on the installation wizard to complete the procedure. If you are yet confused, you can review the article you will learn it helpful. 

The Google USB Driver is very useful for ADB Dubbing with Google devices, on the other hand, you can install extra USB drivers for other devices on windows. For downloading the latest version, visit the official website of Google Android and follow the instructions and install the updated USB Driver on your pc. Moreover, You can easily use the SDK Manager to download the updated version of Google USB Driver. 

Google USB Driver For windows 7, 8 ,10

If you want to install the latest version of Google USB Driver on your pc, first you must download the android studio and follow the installation method teachings in the installation wizard. Once you have properly downloaded the driver, install it on your pc and the device too. Android Wizard is also helpful to download the drivers manually. Bind your tool with your pc, after the Google USB driver will begin connecting your device with pc. 

To operate Google USB Driver on pc, you must have Android Studio and the SDK tools. Open the directory which has downloaded the driver, if you need you can also manipulate SDK Manager to download the driver. If you expect to install the Google USB Driver on pc, then open the SDK Manager and click on the 'ADB' option in the directory, once you have installed it, you can connect your device with your pc. 

To instruct the Google USB Driver, first, you know to perform USB dubbing on your Android-based device. If you are not sure about it, open Developer options on your device, and tap seven or ten times on the 'build number' option. Then you will be able to connect your android device to the Ubuntu Linux System. If you need to install the Google USB Drivers on pc, first you must install ADB and Fastboot drivers on your laptop or computer. Now open the folder where you have installed the Google USB driver on pc. 

After properly downloading the Google USB Driver now connect your device with pc through any USB cable. Open the Device Manager on pc and tap on the android phone. Right-click on the USB driver and tap on the "install" button. Google USB Driver will allow you to create smart applications on your pc. Google USB Driver provide very beneficial Features for its users. It provides very special services for its users, its downloading procedure is very simple and easily manageable. 

So if you are interested to download the latest version of Google USB Driver, then click on the download link provided below and skillfully download this software, after installing, your pc will easily recognize your device. So click on the download link and enjoy its beneficial features. after clicking Google USB Driver will automatically start to download.


Here is the end of this post, I do believe you have well learned about the Google USB Drivers and now you are able to download and install this software package on your windows operating system. Beside this if you have any question and query about this driver package then you can feel free to contact us via email or you can also place a comment in the comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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